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Welcome to the #1 website for people who have problems with the phone company.

Yes, we all have problems from time to time. And if we let our problems grow and fester, things can get out of hand and stress fills up our lives. Don't get stressed out. Do something about it. You can do many things including: complain to government services, get a lawyer, and find better service. That's right. If you're not happy, just change companies right now and be done with it.

We all have problems. But we can do something about it.

Do something now.

  • Change phone companies. You have a choice. Whether it's a landline or a cell phone, you have the right to choose to leave the compnay you are with right now. Pick another compnay right now and find peace of mind. Don't just complain. Do something about it. Change companies.


  • Complain to the FCC. This federal agency is supposed to regulate all telecommunicatons companies. This should be oone of the first places to complain. It's fast and easy.


  • Tell the Department of Public Service. This state agency will contact the phone company and  make them explain or resolve your issue. We are doing our best to list every Department of Public Service in every state.



  • Tell your rep. in Washington, D.C. how bad your phone service is and how you will not vote for them again until something is done. These people work for us. Make them earn their job.



Yes. We're back.

And this time we aren't going away. Promise.

Remember us? Back in 2000 we started a small website about phone problems. And our 'lil site grew and grew with great details, stories, places to go to complain and get answers or retribution. Than we grew too much and we had too much food on our plate. We got sick. We're sorry. We took the site off and replaced it with a parked page for a few years as we tried to get our heads screwed back on straight.

Well, we feel better and we hope you do too. If you don't feel better because you are mad as hell and you don't want to take it anymore, than complain, change companies, and do something.... and know that you are in the right place.


We all know someone with phone problems. Email a friend and tell them about this website.
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